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3 Rivers Computer Solutions, LLC  has been helping businesses since July 2007
We are an IT Firm providing Infrastructure Management and Consulting Services by monitoring SNMP capable network devices at site locations using a dedicated 24x7 Network Operations Center to provide real-time monitoring and management to local businesses located in the greater Fort Wayne area. With our all-inclusive Innovation Business Support (IBS Plan), we protect networks, users, and data from the main vulnerable areas on a network that are under constant attack. Our pricing formula tailors to your organization by customizing costs based on your specific network requirements.

Networks that are running without a server; or only require certain services, can take advantage of our Business Umbrella Plans to keep costs down while still providing security for users and their workstations. For clients that do not have any antivirus protection, or for those that do not have it for one or two devices, we provide MXProtect antivirus services software to SNMP devices at the clients' site. We also provide MXProMail email content management services by blocking spam and junk mail off-site before mail is delivered to the clients' servers. Our MXProBackup services can back up SNMP device data to one of our two data centers off-site and to a secured local location on-site that can be used to facilitate faster restores for a mission critical device on the network. MXProWeb services can protect network users from accessing websites that are on the danger list, or for sites that may hinder work performance. For clients looking to remove their costly fax machines, our MXProFax service can send and receive right from their email inbox. With our Managed eXpress services, our clients receive the control, speed, and innovation they deserve.

Our primary goal is to provide professional and courteous services in a timely fashion. We only deal with reputable partners that have our clients best interest at heart, because we want to build a partnership with trust and confidence by providing only the best services for all our clients' technological needs from their servers and workstations to their printers and monitors.

We are partnered with Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, AVG, Vipre, Malwarebytes, Superantispyware, Symantec, HP, Dell, and others, to better support our clientele and use resources to help drive business innovation and form a trusted foundation for strategic decision making, increased agility, and long-term competitive advantage. With the help of our partners, we are able to bring virtualization, software, and hardware innovative solutions and technology to business infrastructures that would miss out on real world advantages like security, money saving investments, employee training and a downtime-free environment. Our advanced solutions are a catalyst for change and the Innovation for Tomorrow. To find out more, give us a call at: 888.545.0123

What We Do

Innovation, Dedication and Trust
We invest in the best people, research, and products so that we can provide superb services to our clients.

Our Service Areas:
We service businesses within a fifty (50) mile radius of Fort Wayne IN including surrounding areas like:
Waterloo, Lagro, Wabash, Columbia City, New Haven, Grabill, Woodburn, Auburn, Leo, Angola, Decatur, and many more. If you are located outside our traveling area, we offer remote desktop services to give you instant technical support when needed.

Additional Services We Offer:
Complete Website Management and Hacker Guard, Training, Programming Services, Network Installations, CAT6 Line Drops, Consulting Services, Email Ticket Creation, Volume Block Hour Discount Contracts, WatchGuard Firewall Setup, VOIP Services.

Our Areas of Expertise are in:
Cloud Based Solutions, VPN and VMware Solutions, Virtualization, Server Migration, SBS Networks, Server Maintenance, Networking, Virus Removal, Wireless Security, Hardware and Software Upgrades, Preventative Maintenance, Remote Access, Data Backup, Data Recovery, DC Power Jack Repairs, Laptop Screen Repairs, and more!


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“Our advanced solutions are a catalyst for change and the Innovation for Tomorrow.”


Services We Offer

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  • IBS Total Protection

    MXProWeb • MXProMail • MXProtect
    MXProBackup • MXProTime

  • IBS Features

    Helpdesk Management • Remote Support
    After Hours Emergency Response

  • Standard Services

    Data Recovery • Hardware Repairs
    Line Drops • Networking • System Cleanup

  • Add-On Services

    Programming • Consulting • Training
    Workstation Management • Virtualization

  • MXProTime Services

    10 Hour Blocks • Onsite Support • Remote
    Support • Relocations • Troubleshooting

  • Virus Removal

    Complete System Cleaning • Ransomware
    Rootkit Removal • Windows Update Repair

Consulting • Networking • Services • Repair

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Weekdays: 9am to 6pm
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This is a collection of popular programs and free online virus scanners and malware removal tools. We have put them in a central location so our visitors no longer have to search for each one independently. If there are programs not listed below that may be beneficial to others, contact us and we will add them to the visitor downloads list.


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Our Office Hours
Weekdays: 9am to 6pm
Call for an Appointment
Mailing Address
921 E Dupont Rd #231
Fort Wayne, IN 46825
Phone and Fax
T:  888.545.0123
F:  855.855.0601
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3 Rivers Computer Solutions LLC

3 Rivers Computer Solutions, LLC | Innovation for Tomorrow | 888.545.0123 | Innovation Business Support Plan | 24x7 Dedicated IT Network Monitoring Protection (30 Devices Included) | MxProMail Email Security Content Management (30 Mailboxes Included) | Remote Support Offers Instant, Secure, and Trouble-Free Connections | Enterprise-Class AV Software Included for all SNMP Domain Devices | Includes Onsite Support Hours per Year (10% off Standard Fees) | IBS Plan Includes a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee If You Are Not Satisfied